Possessing an intuitive eye for detail and a natural creativity, Loriann will help you discover or define your individual style; easily encompassing your vision and aesthetic, she will direct and refine your wardrobe to complement your life. She is available for closet consultations, personal shopping and special event styling. Consultations will be personalized based on your unique goals. 



"Loriann Smoak is in a class all her own when it comes to fashion.  Her effortless ability to pull current styles together in a sleek, elegant and modern way, without being too overtly trendy or mundane is unsurpassed.  She helped me transform my wardrobe and elevate my look in a way that feels comfortable while being polished, sexy yet elegant and current without being trendy.  Her gift is unique and her style and taste is flawless." -Aubri Balk www.aubribalk.com

"Nobody weaves refinement with a smoldering sexiness better than Loriann.  What I find remarkable about Loriann is how she understands what subtleties have to come together to make a look just right.  She is a master of the details that take style from good to great.  She is hardworking, accessible and committed.  She has helped me meet every goal I have presented to her.  I am a fan of this gifted woman and you will be to." -Adrienne Fodor www.adriennefodor.com

"Loriann Smoak has always been my go-to for up leveling my fashion game. Her guidance in my wardrobe has been nothing short of magical, from the simple organizational tips to more detailed refinement. I know I can trust her classic sensibility and personal edge to bring ease and beauty into my own style. Condor is a place I turn to easily find pieces that become staples for years to come." -Ema Hirzel www.beautywaybotanicals.com 

"Loriann Smoak is one of those young powerhouse woman who always impresses with her impeccable taste and refined style. She has a knack in looking in your closet and identifying what the missing link is in your wardrobe and magically connects the dots. When ever I see her she manages to flash new and innovative piece of clothing she scouted on her extensive travels, globe trotting around the world to bring a wonderful repertoire of style in one neat and slick package, which was her shop Condor. You can trust this one with superior taste, style and flare for decadence." -Raven Olay www.blumhousewellness.com

"This woman's beyond bad ass personal styling skills make me look and feel the way I should... on point, sexy and stand out!" -Hopscotch www.soundcloud.com/hopscotchsound

"The first time I met Loriann I could tell she was one of those girls who just knew how put a look together.  She had the most incredible leather jacket on that I still think about years later.  The selections (maybe a better word) she put together at Condor are completely unexpected, worldly and exciting and a true reflection of her spirit and creativity.  She is a born influencer with a palpable level of caliber." -Joanna Summer Fasching www.bikyni.com